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Our new range of Fins. They are faster, stiffer and lighter than any thing else.

All the training sessions and paddle trips we do in SUP are unique. A fin that is adapted to you and your board, race format, and water conditions is what you need to optimize your performance.

We have developed three excellent fins for three different purposes that will take your paddling to the next level and keep you on the course on the water. A versatile fin setup lets you choose which fin suits the day's paddling. But of course, here are some tips:

Sprintic - Sprint fin for fast short paddles
Dynamic - Versatile, nimble, and stable fin. For water in motion.
Stabilic - For rough seas and Downwind paddling.


This new range of fins is built in 100% Carbon. This makes them light, strong, and durable. And suitable for more types of conditions. It is, therefore a layer upon layer of carbon technology, stiffer than anything we have previously produced. We have reduced the weight to just over 100 grams, which makes them some of the lightest fins on the market.

Designed and developed together with Sam Sills - Naval architect

Weight Loss  - Stiffer  - Faster

Increased speed and efficiency 

The Sprintic 19 is a SUP fin designed with a focus on hydrodynamics, which minimizes water resistance and optimizes propulsion. This results in higher speeds and more efficient paddling. By reducing the resistance, you can paddle faster and further with less effort, which can give you a relatively large advantage in, for example, sprint races or passes, where every second counts. 

Improved stability and maneuverability 

The fin's shorter, wider but thinner design provides increased stability and better maneuverability at higher speeds. This helps you keep your balance and control your course more precisely. With the Sprintic 19, you can more easily maintain a straight course, which is essential for staying ahead during sprint races and flat water races. 

Faster acceleration and higher top speeds 

In order to perform as well as we can in SUP, rapid acceleration is required from the start and that the speed is maintained between each paddle stroke. The Sprintic 19 is designed to maximize propulsion, giving you both higher top and average speeds. By being able to take advantage of each powerful stroke, you can reach maximum speed in the shortest possible time. 

Characteristics according to conditions 

A custom fin that gives you the specific features you need is what will help you to the next level. You will experience increased speed, better stability, faster acceleration and improved maneuverability. Quite simply, it feels like your board moves more easily in the water. 

Increased maneuverability 

Choppy waters, with its fast and erratic waves, requires a high degree of maneuverability to avoid obstacles and quickly change direction. Dynamic 21 allows us to steer and turn our SUP board with precision and ease, which is necessary to make fast and tight turns more easily, avoid collisions or safely navigate through narrow passages. 

Stabilization and control 

The fast and unexpected wave movements in choppy waters and among breaking waves can make it difficult to maintain balance on the SUP board. Dynamic 21 provides extra stability and control by improving the board's handling characteristics. It helps minimize the effect of side waves and gives us a more stable feel, allowing us to create more power in the paddle stroke. 

Optimized performance 

Having a fin designed specifically for SUP paddling in choppy waters or surfing can improve the overall performance of the board. The Dynamic 21 is designed to minimize turbulence and resistance, allowing us to paddle more efficiently and to achieve higher speeds. As the Dynamic 21 is adapted to changing conditions, it has properties that make it more all-round. 


Choppy waters and breaking waves can be a challenging environment to paddle in, and where safety comes first. Dynamic 21 can help increase safety by giving us better control over the SUP board and thus reducing the risk of accidents. The extra stability and maneuverability that Dynamic 21 provides can help us avoid getting into dangerous situations and feel more confident in challenging conditions. 

In conclusion, Dynamic 21 is an invaluable part of our equipment. It improves the maneuverability of the board, provides stability and control, optimizes performance and increases safety. That the Dynamic 21 is specifically designed to meet the demands whether it's choppy waters, breaking waves or a technical race course, will make your SUP paddling a more enjoyable and safe experience. 


Stabilic 24 

For those who paddle in seas and archipelagos or simply want to increase the stability of their SUP board, Stabilic 24 is the obvious choice. Here are some examples of the benefits of this fin. 

Stability and control 

Stabilic 24 helps to provide increased stability and better control when paddling at sea. Seawater can be more mobile and choppy than lakes or still water, and this fin is designed to handle just those conditions. It facilitates your balance and gives you better control over the board. 


This fin is designed specifically for sea paddling and or increased stability. Which can make it easier to steer, make quick turns and maneuvers when there is more movement in the water. Something that makes it much easier to navigate waves, avoid obstacles or just change direction quickly. 

Waves, wind and currents 

In the sea, it is often waves, wind and currents that affect our progress and direction. Through its greater fin depth, the Stabilic 24 helps to reduce the effects of these external forces and make it easier for us to handle everything from swells, breaking waves, gusts and currents. 

Allwater conditions 

All waters are unique. A fin that is adapted to your particular board, water conditions and competition format is what is required so that you can always optimize your performance. If you train and compete in the sea, Stabilic 24 is just right for you. 

Unique properties 

A custom SUP fin that gives you the specific features you need is what will help you to the next level. You will experience increased speed, better stability, faster acceleration and improved maneuverability. Quite simply, it feels like your paddleboard moves more easily in the water. In addition, through the flexible click system, you can easily and quickly attach and adjust the position of the fin for different conditions and SUP boards. 


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