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Switch to a hard SUP board

You can pay with your current Kona SUP when you buy a SUP board!

How much do I get for my SUP

You can use the following inflatable SUP boards as a means of payment when you buy a new one or use Kona SUP.

The exchange price varies according to age and which SUP board you want to exchange. We assume a board in good condition. If the replacement board is in unusable condition and it cannot be repaired, the SUP board is sent back.

Find which SUP board you want. Add to cart and go to checkout.

In the checkout message box, write which inflatable SUP you want to replace. Select Klarna invoice as payment option. Complete the purchase and save the order confirmation.

With Klarna invoice as payment option, we can adjust the price you have to pay. We do this when we have received your exchange board. Your order is packed and sent to you.

Together with your new board, you will receive a return slip that you use to send in the replacement board. You pack the replacement board together with all the accessories in one package. Provides the package with the return slip and carton and hand it in at your agent.

Once we have inspected your exchange board, we adjust the price stated on your order confirmation for your purchase.

We deduct the exchange price from the regular price and your Klarna invoice is updated so that you only pay the difference.

We only accept Sweden and Denmark for exchange


1. Kona SUP board.

2. The backpack that came with the board.

3. The paddle that came with the board.

4. Fin with fixed screw.

5. Pump with associated hose.


We expect the SUP board to be used and in normal condition to be tight and not broken. The board must be cleaned and properly emptied of air.


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