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Racing SUP

Racing SUP

Glide and speed

For the ultimate SUP experience on the water, there is nothing but a hard SUP board in our opinion. The feeling of glide and speed that a hard SUP board can bring, especially boards for training and competition, can hardly be described for someone who has never experienced it. Compared to an inflatable SUP board, the distinctive response, acceleration and maneuverability are superior here.


Due to its solid shape, a hard SUP board has completely different properties than what an inflatable SUP board can offer. For example, Kona's hard training and competition boards are experienced through their extremely low standing surface, as significantly more stable than inflatable variants of a similar size. This contributes to the fact that when you choose a hard SUP board, you can also choose a narrower board. This gives you a more gentle and ergonomic paddle stroke that also creates more power. The fact that the board is narrower also makes it easier for you to keep the desired course. 


With a hard SUP board, you can also SUP paddle in significantly more and also more demanding conditions than with an inflatable SUP board as it sits lower and stable in the water and thus does not affect the wind and issues to the same extent. If you want to get the total overall experience of SUP and have the opportunity to both store and transport your SUP board, our recommendation is a hard SUP board.


In our pursuit of a sustainable future, we actively reduce the extraction of the Earth's resources by creating long-lasting products for multiple generations. We have moved our production to North Europe and are expanding our capacity to meet the needs of the future while reducing our environmental impact through our on-demand manufacturing process.

When you place your order, you're not just investing in the future but also securing your unique purchase position based on the digital order moment. Your exact delivery time will be communicated after the order, ensuring a transparent and fair process. With only a 50% upfront payment, we commit to delivering directly from the factory to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.

Join us in shaping a greener future with products designed to last, be serviced, and repaired over time. Thank you for choosing to contribute to a more sustainable world together with us. Welcome to a new era of responsible consumption.


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