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Paddle SUP

Paddle SUP


The SUP paddle is like a third leg that you both keep your balance with and drive and maneuver the SUP board with. With a well-adapted paddle for you and your physique, each paddle stroke becomes more efficient and you get more out of your SUP paddling.


The SUP paddle 

With us at Kona Sports, you will always find a large selection of paddles for SUP, everything from leisure and touring paddling to training and competition. Here you will find high quality paddles so that you get a SUP paddle that works just for you and your purposes, regardless of whether you are an amature or an elite paddler. Here you will find both world-leading brands such as Quickblade from California and our own models Evolve. 

All about the SUP paddle 

If you want to know more about which SUP paddle you should choose, you can read more about paddles in the Knowledge Bank In short and as always, the price follows function and effect. A more expensive paddle is lighter and stiffer, which means that you can get more power out of each paddle stroke. They also come with better details than a cheaper paddle. 

The length of the SUP paddle 

If you do not want a paddle with adjustable length, you also need to think about what length your paddle needs to have. For all types of SUP paddles, we recommend starting with 10 cm above body length for hard SUP boards and 15 cm above body length for inflatable boards. 

Size of the SUP paddle blade 

You also need to think about what size paddle blade you need, as the size should be adjusted to your weight and strength. If you also know what type of SUP paddling you should primarily use the paddle for, you will easily find the right one. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us! 

Paddling technique for SUP 

Once you have found the SUP equipment you need, it's time to start thinking about how you can use these in the most efficient way - Here you book an SUP course 


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