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This rig is specially developed for the one design class Kona One. The design of the sail allows it to be sailed in light and strong winds. We usually say from a few meters per second to winds up to 15 meters per second. The sail is adjusted depending on the wind strength. In light winds, the sail opens up so that the belly becomes larger. In strong winds, you tighten the mast so that the top of the sail lets pass the wind more easily. In this way, you change the sail's wind absorption and make it maximally efficient and manageable depending on the sailor's skill and wind strength. A unique sail that fits from the beginner to the experienced

The size of the sail is determined by the sailor's weight. Select the weight of the sailor below to get the right sail size.

All rigs are of the highest class and include Kona's classic graphics and design language. Both mast, boom and mast foot extension are of the highest quality and specially adapted for the different sail sizes. It is this rig that is approved according to Kona One's class rules.

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