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The way to get a board faster, stiffer and lighter. 

"We bet, took the plunge and it turned out so damn well. The new Numinous Hollow M2 became our fastest, lightest and stiffest board. This is the future" - Joachim Larsson

But what exactly is a Hollow board?
And how/why do you build a board that way?


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Hollow means hollow.
A hollow construction involves creating a board with a hollow interior, usually achieved by using a combination of lightweight materials such as carbon, stringers and composite layers.

Here are some benefits of hollow construction in paddleboards:
Lighter, stiffer and faster. But above all, it has a longer lifespan, as a Hollow board is easier to repair should an accident occur.

Our Hollow boards thus have the same shape as our boards that are built with a foam core, but are thus built in a different way and have different properties.

Weight reduction - Increased buoyancy - Stiffer - More environmentally friendly

Weight loss

Hollow construction allows for significant weight reduction compared to solid boards. By using lightweight materials and removing excess bulk from the core of the board, paddleboards with a hollow construction become much lighter. Reduced weight leads to improved manoeuvrability, easier handling and improved performance in various conditions.

Increased buoyancy

Paddleboards with hollow construction have excellent buoyancy. This buoyancy helps maintain the board's stability and makes it easier to paddle and stand on, especially in rougher water or when carrying extra weight.

Improved rigidity

Hollow construction allows for the implementation of structural reinforcements such as stringers or carbon fiber layers. These reinforcements add stiffness and rigidity to the board, resulting in improved response, energy transfer, and overall performance. A stiffer board also reduces flex, making it more efficient for paddling and providing better stability.

Special adaptation & repair

Paddleboards with hollow constructions can be designed with modular components, allowing you to customize the board more precisely to your choices and preferences. The hollow structure also means that the board can be repaired with simple methods. Previously, the board "sucked water" when damaged, which meant that the foam core was filled with water, and it was challenging to empty it, which led to an increase in the weight of the board. Now, it can be quickly emptied and repaired, and the board will be as strong as before the damage occurred. This saves both time and costs compared to fixing a solid board.

Environmentally friendly

Hollow construction often involves the use of environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled pieces and durable composite materials. This approach is in line with environmental awareness by reducing waste and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing process. The repair factor also plays a big role in this perspective.

Sustainable design

One of the most important parameters in this development work has always been about quality, i.e. the durability of the board over time. Since we have now seen that the hull shape itself is so functional and fast that it will contribute to everyone being able to develop and enjoy SUP training and win competitions for many years to come, we also wanted the construction to last at least as long. Our aspiration and goal is for at least three people to be able to use each individual SUP board from Kona for at least three years. Which also means that all our competition and training SUP boards need a lifespan of more than 9 years.

Price picture

It is worth notice that although hollow construction offers many advantages, it can also be more expensive compared to traditional solid construction methods. The extra labor and specialized techniques involved in creating hollow boards contribute to the higher price.


Overall, hollow construction in paddleboards offers reduced weight, increased buoyancy, improved stiffness, customization, repairability, and eco-friendly features. These advantages make hollow construction an appealing choice for paddleboard enthusiasts.


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