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Education and courses in SUP


Learn everything you need to know about SUP paddling and your equipment. In Kona Sport's new educations and courses, regardless of level, you get help with everything you need to develop yourself in SUP. 


We are SUP - our development is your development 

It is no secret that we at Kona Sports are driven by developing ever better products for SUP, but why do we do it? 

The answer is simple, we want to constantly strengthen everyone's experience and effect of SUP - the activity that we have come to love and that gives us such health effects. All of us at Kona Sports have different sports backgrounds, everything from surfing, cycling, skiing to running and the activity that has come to unite us is precisely SUP. 

Paddling technique - Paddle SUP faster and more ergonomically 

In our quest to build new better products, we also need to understand how we can use our SUP boards and SUP paddles in the best way, ie how we can paddle SUP in the most ergonomic and efficient way. 

That's why SUP gives you such good training 

Understanding water and how our products behave in different wind and wave conditions has not only taught us how our whole body is activated by SUP paddling, but actually our whole person. The development of our products is therefore always based on how man was created to function. In our courses, you will learn how you too can train and use your whole body to operate and maneuver the SUP board as functionally as possible. 

Take a course in SUP - We are here for you 

Now we also want to give you the opportunity to learn more about SUP. Through our new educations and courses, you get to take part in all the facts about SUP paddling that we have gathered since 2006 and our accumulated knowledge about training and performance over the past 40 years. Give yourself the very best conditions for your own personal development through SUP or why not give a course to a friend. 

Get unique tips & advice on SUP 

Our experienced instructors and trainers are ready to answer all your questions about SUP, health and exercise. In addition to being experts at SUP, they are also trained in everything from physiotherapy, physiology, sports psychology and nutrition to physical- and elite training. 

Learn from our journey in the world of SUP paddling 

Together with our elite paddlers in the Kona Race Team, our instructors are also involved in the daily development and testing of all Kona SUP products. This means that they are out on the water and paddle SUP daily, all year round. Probably one of the reasons why our race team is so outstanding with over 15 Swedish Championship golds in SUP so far! 

We believe in you and SUP, do you? 

We are driven by development, including your development. So do all our talented instructors and team paddlers, so take the chance to develop yourself and your SUP paddling with us! 

Welcome on board! 

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