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Inflatable SUP

Inflatable SUP

That SUP has revolutionized the water sports market and become so popular around the world is not so strange as the reasons are many. Some of all the benefits are i.a. that it suits all ages and conditions, that it is easy to learn, that you can paddle on all types of water, the constant unique nature experiences, that it is safe and secure and at the same time exciting and challenging, that it provides a gentle and constructive load where you constantly train a combination of balance, strength and endurance and that you can get all this at a relatively low cost.

Inflatable SUP boards also have the advantages that they are both easy to transport and store. An inflatable board easily fits in everything from a car to a boat and is perfect for taking on both trains and planes. With the included backpack, you also carry it easily with all your SUP equipment on your back when you go cycling.

Because SUP is so popular, it has almost become a jungle of all different types and models of inflatable SUP boards where the risk is great to go away. Unfortunately, there are many fortune seekers here who offer substandard products both in terms of quality and function.

We at Kona Sports have been passionate SUP paddlers since 2006 and what we sell is not really products per se but the experience of SUP itself. We want to be more on the water by conveying what we ourselves experience of this fantastic activity. Our goal is for you to also become one of us and therefore we will continue to lead the development of functional and sustainable products that enhance your experience of SUP.

In order for you to get an inflatable SUP board that works just for you and what you intend to use it for, you first need to think about the following. First of all, for what purpose do you want to start with SUP paddling, i.e. what will you mainly want to use the board for? Then you need to think about what type of water you will paddle on the most. Then your body constitution such as height and weight but also your current physique and balance come into play. Should the board also work to carry a child or dog on? Do you want a more niche SUP board for a specific purpose or do you want to be able to use it for a variety of activities? Are you several different people who will use the board?

Here we have listed a few different activities you can use your SUP board for;

  • Recreation (sun, swimming and water play)
  • Yoga
  • Fitness training (various bodyweight exercises)
  • Fishing (you fish from the board)
  • Tour-paddling / Touring (shorter and longer paddles with or without packing)
  • Exercise equipment to take with you on the trip
  • SUP training (fitness training on the water, very similar to cross-country skiing)
  • Competition (exercise races and the like)
  • DW, Downwinder (tailwind paddling)
  • Surfing (sea with breaking waves)
  • Paddling rapids
  • Transport / utility equipment (eg from boat to land, inspection of boat, etc.)
  • Rescue / safety (to assist with swimming or other water activities)

Finally, you need to think about how much you want to invest in your equipment. What seems cheap now is probably not cheap in the long run.

It is also important to keep in mind here that it is the quality of the construction and the material that determines the price. This is also what determines the board's function and performance. The cheapest boards on the market may be suitable for you as an adult to stand on but not to paddle and you will not find this type of board here.

If you have difficulty finding all the answers, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you with all your questions and thoughts about the world's most fun activity - SUP.

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