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The possibilities with SUP are many. It can be easy to become unsure when you see the range on the market. In the knowledge bank, we have collected lots of useful information for those of you who are interested in SUP. The wrong equipment easily leads to a bad experience, which we at Kona Sports want to prevent. We want our experience, research and product development to benefit you. So stay tuned and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss SUP.

Stability For Performance™ 
A stable board is a good board. We go through the design process, the "cone feeling", explain what the Nordic stroke is. Click in to immerse yourself in things we care about.

The idea behind Kona Ocean
It was about wanting to create the perfect SUP board for training and competition. A board that could be handled by anyone regardless of previous experience, glide easily and quickly in all weather and water. Goal setting. that more people can experience the charm and understand the benefits of practicing SUP.


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