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Stabilic Carbon Fin 24 cm



The right fin in the right place 

There are different types of fins designed for different conditions and different types of SUP paddling. For example, one fin may be better suited for waves and surfing, while another fin may be more suited for calmer waters and long distance paddling. By choosing the right fin for the specific conditions, you can optimize your paddling experience and get more power from your paddling. 

Stabilic 24 

For those who paddle in seas and archipelagos or simply want to increase the stability of their SUP board, Stabilic 24 is the obvious choice. Here are some examples of the benefits of this fin. 

Stability and control 

Stabilic 24 helps to provide increased stability and better control when paddling at sea. Seawater can be more mobile and choppy than lakes or still water, and this fin is designed to handle just those conditions. It facilitates your balance and gives you better control over the board. 


This fin is designed specifically for sea paddling and or increased stability. Which can make it easier to steer, make quick turns and maneuvers when there is more movement in the water. Something that makes it much easier to navigate waves, avoid obstacles or just change direction quickly. 

Waves, wind and currents 

In the sea, it is often waves, wind and currents that affect our progress and direction. Through its greater fin depth, the Stabilic 24 helps to reduce the effects of these external forces and make it easier for us to handle everything from swells, breaking waves, gusts and currents. 

Allwater conditions 

All waters are unique. A fin that is adapted to your particular board, water conditions and competition format is what is required so that you can always optimize your performance. If you train and compete in the sea, Stabilic 24 is just right for you. 

Unique properties 

A custom SUP fin that gives you the specific features you need is what will help you to the next level. You will experience increased speed, better stability, faster acceleration and improved maneuverability. Quite simply, it feels like your paddleboard moves more easily in the water. In addition, through the flexible click system, you can easily and quickly attach and adjust the position of the fin for different conditions and SUP boards. 

Stabilic 24 comes with a case and 4 different friction pads "Click system", which means you don't need any tools to attach or adjust the fin. It also means that the fin fits your SUP board perfectly. 


Article number:1115133
:14,8 cm
:49 grader
:207 cm2


"Recommendation" means to whom and for which area of use the product is primarily adapted.


"Usage" indicates the type of water environment (canal, lake, sea, etc.) and the type of SUP paddling (touring, training, competition, etc.) for which the product is primarily designed.
Tour paddling, Training, Racing
Technical data 

Technical data

"Technical data" describes the product in detail and other information about the product. If a piece of information is missing, it is not relevant for this particular product.


"Length" indicates the total length of the product. If the product is inflatable, the measurement indicates the length of the product in an inflated state with recommended pressure. Regarding adjustable products, the numbers show both the length of the product in its lowest collapsed position and in its fully extended position.
24 cm


"Thickness" indicates how thick the product is where it is the thickest. Regarding SUP boards, the measurement refers to the height of a lying board, i.e. the greatest distance between the underside and the top.
9 mm


"Color" refers to the most prominent colors in the graphic design. Color type will also be listed here shortly.
Weight:99 gr


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