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Privacy Policy


KONA SPORTS IS A PART OF KONA WINDSURFING AB (A Swedish limited liability company with organization number 556613-1545)

Our policy

For Kona Sports, personal integrity is important. In this policy, we explain in a short and simple way how we collect and use personal data. We also describe your rights and how you can enforce them.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about how we process your personal data.

What is personal data and what is the processing of personal data?

Personal data is all data about a living natural person that can be directly or indirectly linked to that person. It is not just about names and social security numbers but also about, for example, photos and e-mail addresses.

Processing of personal data is everything that happens with the personal data in the IT systems, regardless of whether it is mobile devices or computers. These include collection, registration, structuring, storage, processing and transfer.

Personal data responsibility

For the processing that takes place within Kona Sports' operations, Kona Sports is responsible for the personal data. (Kona Windsurfing AB, 556613-1545, Platensgatan 12, SE-591 35 Motala, Sweden).

What personal information do we collect about you and why?

We mainly process your name, address and contact information in connection with trading at www.kona-sport.com. The purpose is for you as a customer to be able to order, handle returns, see delivery status, and that we can communicate with you as smoothly as possible.

We process your personal data in accordance with the "GDPR". Details regarding "GDPR" can be read on the Swedish Data Inspectorate's website in Sweden or on the European Union's GDPR page.

Personal data assistants

In some situations, it is necessary for us to hire other parties. For example, various IT providers who help with the operation and setup of this web shop. They are then personal data assistants to us. We check personal data assistants to ensure that they guarantee the security and confidentiality of personal data. When personal data assistants are hired, it only happens for the purposes that are compatible with the purposes we ourselves have for the processing.

An example of a personal data assistant is Trustpilot. We use Trustpilot for reviews of our goods and services. For example, you may be invited to leave your opinion about a product or our service. You can unsubscribe from Trustpilot's email via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all Trustpilot review invitations.

Actors who are independently responsible for personal data

We also share your personal data with certain other actors who are independently responsible for personal data, such as payment and shipping. When your personal data is shared with an actor who is independently responsible for personal data, that organization's privacy policy and personal data management apply.

How long do we store your personal information?

We never store your personal information for longer than necessary for each purpose.

What are your rights as a registrant?

As a registered person, you have a number of rights under current legislation. You have the right to receive an extract that shows what personal information we have registered about you. You can request correction of incorrect information and in some cases deletion.

Contact us with questions about how we process personal data.

If you have questions about how we process personal data, contact us by phone or e-mail. We may make changes to our privacy policy. The latest version of the privacy policy is always available here at www.kona-sport.com


Kona Sports uses cookies on our web shop to ensure that your experience is as good as possible. It is especially if you come to our web shop several times that you experience a difference. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, mobile, or tablet. The text file makes the web shop remember what you have done and can then make it easier for you when you return. You can delete a cookie at any time under your device's settings. Kona Sports does not store your Cookie on any device other than the one you use in the web shop and we do not share it with anyone else.

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