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The idea behind the Kona Ocean was that we wanted to create the ultimate SUP board for training and competition. A board that could be handled by everyone regardless of previous experience, so that more people could experience the charm and understand the benefits of practicing SUP. A board that makes the step to SUP training minimal and that glides easily and quickly in all weather and water.


After much thought, programming, and testing, we agreed that the type of SUP board we wanted to achieve needed a long sleek shape with low bottom curvature (rocker), but with a surface large enough to plane. When paddling a SUP board, we always need to be able to handle different shapes of waves. When, for example, we paddle downwind and with the waves, we will also be able to increase the speed significantly. When the speed increases, we will soon catch the wave in front and if we do not have time to steer or trim the board in time, the bow will dive into the wave in front, which causes the speed to slow down sharply.

Form - Function - Aerodynamics - Balance - Frequency - Surfing - Design - Construction - Sports car - Hull - Volume - Manufacturing  - Drainage - Fin - Surface condition - Stability


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