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Fit Pro Kit Carbon fin for all condition (3 pcs)



The right fin for every condition 

In many cases, the right fin is crucial for both experience and performance in SUP paddling. By choosing the right fin for your specific needs and board, you can more easily take your paddling to the next level. Depending on your paddling style, race format and water conditions, any of these fins will be just right for you. Here are some of the benefits these three fins offer. 

Dynamic 21 

For paddling in choppy waters or breaking waves, the Dynamic 21 is the optimal fin. It provides increased manoeuvrability, tight turns and stability in erratic waves. Its design reduces turbulence and gives you more control through increased maneuverability. Dynamic 21 provides a safe and enjoyable paddling experience in challenging water. 

Sprintic 19 

For paddling in flat water where you don't have to adapt to waves, the Sprintic 19 is the perfect fin. Whether you are paddling for fun or for serious training and competition, the Sprintic 19 offers minimal resistance and maximum course stability, providing the conditions for maximum speed and acceleration. 

Stabilic 24 

For ocean paddling and stability in turbulent waters, Stabilic 24 is the ideal fin. It helps your balance, gives better control and allows easy maneuvering in waves for fast turns. With the Stabilic 24, you can paddle more relaxed and take advantage of waves, wind and currents to increase the speed and thus the enjoyment of your SUP paddling. 

In conclusion, the right fin for the prevailing conditions can help you achieve increased speed, better stability, faster acceleration and improved maneuverability. By choosing the right SUP fin for your paddling style and water conditions, you can both optimize your performance and get a better experience of your SUP paddling. With Pro Fin Kit you are always prepared! 

All fins are delivered with their own case and 4 different friction pads "Click system", which means you don't need any tools to attach or adjust the fins. It also means that the fins fit your board perfectly. 


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