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Sprintic Carbon Fin 19 cm



A fin that is adapted to the specific characteristics that you and your SUP board need is what will help you to the next level in your SUP paddling. You will experience increased speed, better stability, faster acceleration and improved maneuverability. Quite simply, it feels like your board moves more easily in the water. 

If you are serious about your training or competition and want to improve your experience and performance in SUP, the Sprintic 19 is a step on the way. Here are some of its benefits; 

Increased speed and efficiency 

The Sprintic 19 is a SUP fin designed with a focus on hydrodynamics, which minimizes water resistance and optimizes propulsion. This results in higher speeds and more efficient paddling. By reducing the resistance, you can paddle faster and further with less effort, which can give you a relatively large advantage in, for example, sprint races or passes, where every second counts. 

Improved stability and maneuverability 

The fin's shorter, wider but thinner design provides increased stability and better maneuverability at higher speeds. This helps you keep your balance and control your course more precisely. With the Sprintic 19, you can more easily maintain a straight course, which is essential for staying ahead during sprint races and flat water races. 

Faster acceleration and higher top speeds 

In order to perform as well as we can in SUP, rapid acceleration is required from the start and that the speed is maintained between each paddle stroke. The Sprintic 19 is designed to maximize propulsion, giving you both higher top and average speeds. By being able to take advantage of each powerful stroke, you can reach maximum speed in the shortest possible time. 

Characteristics according to conditions 

A custom fin that gives you the specific features you need is what will help you to the next level. You will experience increased speed, better stability, faster acceleration and improved maneuverability. Quite simply, it feels like your board moves more easily in the water. 

The Sprintic 19 comes with a case and 4 different "Click system" friction pads, which means you don't need any tools to attach or adjust the fin. It also means that the fin fits your board perfectly. 


Article number:1115130
:15,7 cm
:45 grader
:160 cm2


"Recommendation" means to whom and for which area of use the product is primarily adapted.


"Usage" indicates the type of water environment (canal, lake, sea, etc.) and the type of SUP paddling (touring, training, competition, etc.) for which the product is primarily designed.
Tour paddling, Training, Racing
Technical data 

Technical data

"Technical data" describes the product in detail and other information about the product. If a piece of information is missing, it is not relevant for this particular product.


"Length" indicates the total length of the product. If the product is inflatable, the measurement indicates the length of the product in an inflated state with recommended pressure. Regarding adjustable products, the numbers show both the length of the product in its lowest collapsed position and in its fully extended position.
19 cm


"Thickness" indicates how thick the product is where it is the thickest. Regarding SUP boards, the measurement refers to the height of a lying board, i.e. the greatest distance between the underside and the top.
8 mm


"Color" refers to the most prominent colors in the graphic design. Color type will also be listed here shortly.
Weight:93 gr


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