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Kona Evolve JR



The Kona feeling 

After years of testing and development, we can now present the Kona Evolve JR, the SUP paddle that is adapted for you with a slightly smaller body size. A paddle that you can both grow and develop with and that matches the quality and function of all Konas SUP boards. All for you to experience the right Kona feeling. 

Through all our function tests of SUP boards, we realized early on that paddle boards that were designed to fit as many people as possible, could also be inhibitory to others. The same applies to paddles and therefore we have now developed a SUP paddle which we also believe will help you in your development. 

Reach new levels 

With a Kona Evolve JR, you finally get the right conditions to take your SUP paddling to the next level. In order for you to be able to get the maximum effect from each paddle stroke, the paddle, just like the board, needs to be adapted to you and your current conditions. 

Choose the right SUP paddle - not just material 

Just because a SUP paddle is made of carbon fiber does not necessarily make it a good paddle. Many people make the mistake of buying the first best paddle as long as it is made of carbon fiber. In fact, it is the paddle's combined properties that give you the right effect and experience of your SUP paddling and that is exactly why we have developed the Kona Evolve JR. 

Size matters 

To understand which SUP paddle suits us best, we need if possible first of all to choose which shaft thickness suits our hands, then which blade size we can handle, then the length of the shaft based on both our body length and thickness of the board, and the paddling technique that we want to use.  

Finally, we come to stiffness and weight and it is only here that the material becomes interesting. Regardless of whether we are looking for maximum rigidity or flex, materials and construction are of great importance here. 

Practical perfection 

Kona Evolve JR is an all carbon SUP paddle that has a slightly narrower shaft that suits you with smaller hands. It also has an adjustable length so that you can grow with the paddle and also be able to easily vary your paddling technique and intensity. The blade size on the Evolve JR is the smallest possible that we have seen gives a good effect in relation to slightly smaller SUP boards such as our inflatable junior boards. 

Delicate details 

The blade on the Kona Evolve JR has a rectangular shape that we have seen fit well for SUP paddlers with relatively low weight. This means that you get an even power transmission throughout the driving phase of the paddle stroke and thereby make your SUP board glide more easily. The blade has a distinctive dihedral that provides a firm but soft grip in the water that allows you to maintain a higher frequency without costing more energy. 

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Article number:111611-75-148-2
Paddleblade size:-
paddle length:-


"Recommendation" means to whom and for which area of use the product is primarily adapted.


"Usage" indicates the type of water environment (canal, lake, sea, etc.) and the type of SUP paddling (touring, training, competition, etc.) for which the product is primarily designed.
Training, Racing
Technical data 

Technical data

"Technical data" describes the product in detail and other information about the product. If a piece of information is missing, it is not relevant for this particular product.


"Color" refers to the most prominent colors in the graphic design. Color type will also be listed here shortly.


By "standard paddle" is meant the model of paddle that is normally included when purchasing an inflatable SUP. Specific details about this paddle are listed below.
Paddle pieces: 

Paddle pieces

By "paddle pieces" is meant in how many parts the paddle can be taken apart. As a rule, SUP paddles consist of 1-5 parts. For example, a 3-piece is the most common for inflatable SUP boards as these fit in the backpack together with the board.
2 pcs
Weight of paddle: 

Weight of paddle

By "weight of the paddle" is meant the total weight of the paddle in kg.
430 g
Shaft length: 

Shaft length

By "shaft length" is meant the total length of the paddle in cm. Regarding adjustable paddles, the length of the paddle is indicated where it is maximally compressed and maximally extended.
148-188 cm
Shaft material: 

Shaft material

By "shaft material" is meant which primary material the paddle's shaft is constructed in. There are usually three different materials to choose from, aluminum, glass fiber and carbon fiber. A paddle shaft can consist of several different materials and the amount is then stated in percentage. The most exclusive shafts usually consist of 100% carbon fiber.
Carbon 100%
Blade size: 

Blade size

By "blade size" is meant the surface of the paddle blade, usually this is measured in square inches or square centimeters. In general, the larger the blade's surface, the better it sticks to the water, but this also has to do with the shape of the blade. Normally, paddle blades come in sizes 75-110 square inches (sq in).

In many cases, the blade size can be linked to the user's body weight, which means that the heavier and stronger we are, the larger the blade we use. If we instead weigh relatively little, we will get a better effect from a smaller blade as we can maintain a higher frequency/cadence.
75 sq. inch
Blade material: 

Blade material

By "blade material" is meant which primary material the SUP paddle's blade is constructed in. There are usually three different materials to choose from, plastic, fiberglass and carbon fiber. A paddle blade can consist of several different materials, and the amount is then stated as a percentage. The most exclusive and rigid blades usually consist of 100% carbon fiber.

The material in the shaft and blade can be different depending on whether you prefer a certain flex (bending). Many paddles can, for example, have a shaft in carbon fiber and a blade in fiberglass, which can feel more comfortable if you haven't paddled much before and then haven't had time to build adequate strength and stability in your shoulders, etc.
Carbon 100%
Handle material: 

Handle material

By "paddle handle" is meant the part that sits at the top of the paddle shaft. This part can be designed in different ways and be more or less ergonomically designed. These are also available in different materials. As a rule, these are cast in plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber. There are also wooden handles which can be aesthetically pleasing but often relatively heavy. More exclusive SUP paddles have handles in 100% carbon fiber as this helps to keep the total weight of the paddle down and provides a better balanced paddle.
:26 mm


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