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Main team

Joachim Larsson

Creative director & founder

Ever since Joachim sailed in the windsurfing national team, he has loved water. He founded Kona Sports in 2006. Joachim lives a few steps from Varamon's waters. This is where Kona Sports' test center is located and where he tests and develops ideas. Most working days involve a moment on the water. In one year, there will be more than 200 days of water contact, including windsurfing and all SUP training. His passion is innovative and sustainable product development. The products he has in mind should be loved for a long time by its owners or users. Joachim is convinced that SUP is one of the great exercise sports of the future and Kona Sports will be involved in shaping it.

Jan Strindler


Before becoming CEO of Kona Sports, Janne had a long career in the IT sector. For more than 20 years, he worked in senior positions in IT companies in Sweden and internationally. He contributes a solid business acumen to the team and is passionate about understanding his customers' needs, meeting and exceeding their expectations. It's all about trust. It is something that can only come over time. Kona Sports must be a supplier that it must be safe to grow with. Janne is a passionate SUP paddler. For him, SUP training is a superior, muscle-building fitness sport and at the same time mental training that requires total presence.

Magnus Lindstedt

Biomechanical expert

Magnus is one of the main profiles in Swedish SUP-sport. Among other things, he has won 12 Swedish Championship gold medals and coaches the five-time Danish world champion Casper Steinfath. He is the team's biomechanical expert and product tester for equipment and training concepts. Magnus has for more than 30 years worked in a global network with performance development for, among others, elite athletes and various special units. Curiosity is his strongest driving force, which has constantly taken him further. For several years, he has worked with the Swedish Sports Confederation and the Swedish Olympic Committee to develop SUP as fitness and strength training for cross-country skiers, runners and cyclists. Because it is a water activity, it also provokes protective reflexes, improves balance and strengthens the athlete mentally.

Marcus Tronét

Support och logistics guru

Marcus has a background in several sports but got caught up in windsurfing where he also became an instructor and started Konabussen. Through that, he found Kona-Sports and now leads the logistics. Marcus is also part of Kona's elite team in SUP and trains and competes nationally and internationally.

Åsa Renström

Graphical designer

For Kona, design is central - an attractive product is used longer. That is why Åsa is a key person in the team. It is her sense of form and color that has given Kona its special graphic expression. Design for her is a strategic and creative process that interprets and realizes a brand's promise and strengthens the products' function. Åsa has extensive experience of creative design work with a master's in industrial design at the bottom. Before joining the Kona team in 2011, she worked with Volvo's and several other international car companies' brands. She get energy from interpreting, shaping and realizing what started as an idea. For Åsa, SUP is as much about training as a way to enjoy nature from the water.

William Larsson


William is the quiet northerner who lets the camera and the imagery speak for themselves. He has photographed for Kona Sports for several years, but also has a foothold in both design and graphic expression. William finds his inspiration from around the world, skis professionally and is passionate about being out in nature. And sometime in between studied both Graphic Design and Art Director.

Instagram: william_larsson

Assistance team

Kajsa Larsson

Social media content manager

Kajsa is the team's real multi - athlete. She grew up with trampoline, windsurfing and skiing, sports where she also had great competitive success. Kajsa is responsible for Kona Sports' Instagram account and is also a well-known influencer in his own name in skiing with an ever-growing crowd of followers. She has won respect for what she does both behind and in front of the camera and has a degree in international marketing behind her. In addition to being responsible for Kona's Instagram account, she is also an advisor to the Kona Sports management team. Kajsa Larsson has traveled to many continents, to find the best wave surfing and the best freeride skiing. She draws a lot of inspiration from these trips in her work with social media.

Sam Sills


Sam has lived with water all his life. He grew up in Cornwall, on the windswept south coast of England. Windsurfing became his competitive sport early on and he achieved great success early on. Among other things, he has won two World Cup golds in the Olympic class RS: X. In parallel with his competitive career, he trained as a marine architect. It was this role he joined the Kona team. He managed to turn the best from 3D modeling for the design of large boats to developing SUP boards on a whole new level. Sam translates the creativity of the rest of the team into an analytical process to optimize the performance of each individual board.

Johan Lyreborn

Chairman of the board

Johan is Kona Sports chairman of the board, but above all he sees himself as a supporter and brainstorm partner. He has solid entrepreneurial experience and co-founded the international software company Configura in 1990. Johan is passionate about the Scandinavian idea of ​​sustainability and is convinced that getting by on his own on the water is both a fantastic experience and a sustainable lifestyle. He believes that the diversity of the Kona team is also its main strength for developing the company, creating a holistic experience for customers and taking them on a journey. Whether you want to experience nature, training, or competition, Kona and the community are there to help and support. It's a family.


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