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Kona Club

Kona Club

A community full of stories, laughs and shared experiences. We designed a website to bring that community together: to help you plan ahead, play harder and make lifelong connections. But we also designed it to bring you awesome benefits! You can enjoy this site as a guest, of course, and we hope you’ll dive in. I if you sign in as a full member, a whole world of wonders will open up to you. Yes, we’re going to ask you to pitch in some money, but you won’t believe the perks you’re going to get in return!

Please visit the Kona Club website to find out more …


Joachim 17/02/2021 15:54


Kona One YouTube ChannelCheck out all the Kona One Video in our YouTube Channel
23/03/2021 19:08
Sailing GuideThis article is intended to provide a basic guide for intermediate level sailors to racing the Kona One, as well as to provide some tuning advice for more experienced sailors who may not be as familiar with racing the Kona.
23/03/2021 15:18
The secrets behind Kona OneLike a blast from the past, but yet the answer to the present call for the ultimate easy, forgiving multi purpose board suitable for all skill levels. The characteristic subtle shape combines stability, maneuverability, control and excellent sub planning performance. Cruising and racing in all conditions becomes a thrill and performing classic tricks becomes a breeze.
16/03/2021 11:35
Rigging guideSetting up your rig and learning to manage it in the right way is an important part of becoming a better windsurfer. Follow our advice in this rigging guide and try to put it into practice when you next hit the waves.
17/02/2021 15:54
Kona ClubWhen you’re windsurfing on a Kona One board, you’re part of a special community!


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