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Numinous 14 x 21 Model 2



Numinous 14.0 Model 2 Core

Our new model of Numinous is for those who want the fastest paddle board for competition in most waters. Compared to the original Numinous, this one is designed to better handle waves and swells that often occur during competition. If you are looking for a SUP board that makes you internationally competitive in all disciplines, this is our obvious recommendation.

Speed ​​phenomenon
One of the most difficult things in SUP is increasing speed and what we wanted to achieve with the Numinous Model 2 was the ability to always be able to accelerate, regardless of starting speed and waves. The Kona Numinous 14.0 Model 2 Core is an extremely easy-to-drive and fast-accelerating SUP board that, thanks to its design, is just as good in a draft position as it is in what it was primarily created for, i.e. to lie in front.

Power and control
Thanks to its well-thought-out design, long waterline and low standing surface, the Kona Numinous Model 2 has unparalleled stability and a glide that allows you, regardless of level, to convert all your power and energy into speed. The SUP board's well-balanced and optimal volume distribution means you can easily handle both wind and waves from all directions as well as the tightest pivot turns.

Built for speed
The Kona Numinous 14.0 Model 2 is a SUP board that is designed for the highest possible speed in dynamic water, i.e. where wave formation occurs, such as during an exercise race. It is also designed to be paddled in conditions where speed always costs power, i.e. to be able to paddle as fast as possible without the expected help of either wind, waves or currents. Despite this, it easily handles all the conditions that can be expected during competition.

Stability - Stability for Performance™
For effective SUP paddling, we need to be able to paddle ergonomically and relaxed, we thereby need a paddle board that we feel is stable, i.e. does not wiggle at the slightest impact. The stability we are talking about here is the so-called the secondary stability, i.e. how stable the SUP board feels during speed. That the Kona Numinous Model 2, just like our other models, is perceived to be so stable, provides the prerequisite for us to be able to create the most optimal power transmission possible, where all the power also goes in the direction we want.

The reason why the Numinous 14.0 Model 2 has the best conditions for its outstanding gliding and acceleration ability is, among other things, this SUP board's low so-called bottom curvature, flat bottom design and rounded edges. The bow of the Kona Numinous also easily cuts through the surface of the water regardless of the angle.

Low standing
The Numinous 14.0 Model 2 is carefully designed so that the standing surface is as close to the waterline as possible, as this contributes to lowering the common center of gravity of the paddler and the SUP board. This in turn means that the paddle board is not affected by your movements to the same extent and you thereby have the opportunity to put more of your energy into driving the board  instead of having to compensate for the balance.

Volume optimized
The Numinous 14.0 Model 2 is designed with the smallest possible volume in relation to the weight of the paddler it must be able to carry and the normal speed at which the board is intended to be paddled. Through its adapted volume, the Kona Numinous 14.0 Model 2 also has high stability when the board controlled from the stern. The adapted volume in the stern also means that the board can be maneuvered more easily during, for example, pivot turns and is driven more easily with the waves when, for example, downwind paddling.

Course stability
Kona Numinous's sharp edges at the stern of the underside of the hull and its pronounced displacement bow contribute to direct foot control and course stability. Together with Kona's extra long and optimally placed fin box, the Numinous 14.0 makes the Model 2 a paddle board with superb maneuverability and customization options.

With a Kona Numinous Model 2, you never have to think about whether we chose the right SUP board. You can instead put all the focus on your own training and development and just enjoy the glide and the speed you perform - the Kona feeling


Article number:1110421-14-21-C
Width:21 inch (53.3 cm)
Length:14.0 (4.25 m)
:2 pcs (front and tail)


"Recommendation" means to whom and for which area of use the product is primarily adapted.


"Usage" indicates the type of water environment (canal, lake, sea, etc.) and the type of SUP paddling (touring, training, competition, etc.) for which the product is primarily designed.
Weight of rider: 

Weight of rider

By "paddler's weight" is meant the highest body weight of the user for which the equipment is primarily adapted.
< 85 kg
Technical data 

Technical data

"Technical data" describes the product in detail and other information about the product. If a piece of information is missing, it is not relevant for this particular product.


"Length" indicates the total length of the product. If the product is inflatable, the measurement indicates the length of the product in an inflated state with recommended pressure. Regarding adjustable products, the numbers show both the length of the product in its lowest collapsed position and in its fully extended position.
14'0", 4,27 m


"Width" indicates the total width of the product, i.e. where the product is widest. If the product is inflatable, indicate the measurement where the product is at its widest when inflated with recommended pressure.
21,0", 53,3 cm


"Volume" indicates how much air the SUP board contains (inflatable boards) or how big its foam core is (hard boards). This also gives an indication of the board's buoyancy and is in relation to the user's body weight. For this reason, it is important to choose a board that is adapted to the user.
259 L
Board weight: 

Board weight

"Board weight" indicates the specific and total weight of the SUP board. Note! The manufacturing process means that minor weight differences may occur.
11,2 kg


"Thickness" indicates how thick the product is where it is the thickest. Regarding SUP boards, the measurement refers to the height of a lying board, i.e. the greatest distance between the underside and the top.
23,6 cm
Fin box: 

Fin box

"Fin box" refers to the type of fin attachment that the SUP board has. Generally there are two types; slide-in and US box. "Slide-in" means that fins are pushed into the fin box and locked with a pin. These are usually used for simpler board constructions. "US-box" means you can attach most fin models to that fin box by locking them with a screw and nut. Fins with a so-called click function can also be attached to these boxes. No screws or nuts are needed for these.
Tall US-box
Load weight: 

Load weight

"Load weight" refers to the weight in kilograms that the SUP board can be loaded with in addition to the paddler himself and still be able to be paddled and maneuvered as intended. That this is not the same as the "paddler's weight" is due to the fact that the weight of the paddler is centered on a relatively small surface, while packs, children, dogs, etc. distribute the weight better.
40 kg
Test data 

Test data

"Test data" refers to the specific values that the products generated when they underwent Kona Sports' rigorous functional testing on the water. Everything from acceleration to maneuverability is tested here. All models of Kona's SUP boards have undergone the same test battery and test procedure and thus their performance can be compared with each other. Here you can also see the differences in performance between different lengths and widths as well as between hard and inflatable SUP boards.
Stability value:Stable


What accessories are included in the package
GO-Pro mount:No
Carrying handle:Centered
Fasteners for packing system:4 pcs (front)


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