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Kona Numinous JR Air SUP 10.6



Inflatable Kona Numinous JR Air SUP 10.6

Kona Numinous JR Air SUP 10.6 is recommended for children aged 7-12 years.

Kona Numinous JR Air SUP is a variant of Kona Numinous Air SUP an inflatable exercise board designed for maximum rigidity with little weight. The board is built to get so close to the properties of a hard SUP board with good response and glide so you get the maximum effect from both you and your SUP paddling.

Across the entire Kona Numinous JR Air SUP 10.6 there is a reinforcement in PVC-stringer, both on the top and bottom which makes it a rigid SUP board that reacts directly to your paddle strokes. The thickness of the junior board is 5 inches. The board neat size makes it much easier for light and short people to push and maneuver the SUP board.

Kona Numinous JR Air SUP 10.6 has a 5 mm thick deck pad with a ground structure pattern for good grip. At the back of the deck pad, the SUP board is equipped with a kick for quick and controlled pivot turns. The board has extra handles on each side of the deck pad to facilitate beach starts at competitions. Kona Numinous JR Air SUP 10.6 has a fin box of US model that gives you unlimited possibilities to adapt the choice of fin to your preferences and prevailing water conditions.

SUP board material

Kona Numinous JR Air SUP 10.6 is made of 5” Fusion drop-stitch material with a reinforcement PVC stringer. The SUP board has reinforced sides with carbon fiber structure and pin line reinforcements on the top and bottom that make the board stiffer.

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Article number:1210450-106-24R


"Recommendation" means to whom and for which area of use the product is primarily adapted.


"Usage" indicates the type of water environment (canal, lake, sea, etc.) and the type of SUP paddling (touring, training, competition, etc.) for which the product is primarily designed.
Training, Racing
Technical data 

Technical data

"Technical data" describes the product in detail and other information about the product. If a piece of information is missing, it is not relevant for this particular product.


"Length" indicates the total length of the product. If the product is inflatable, the measurement indicates the length of the product in an inflated state with recommended pressure. Regarding adjustable products, the numbers show both the length of the product in its lowest collapsed position and in its fully extended position.


"Width" indicates the total width of the product, i.e. where the product is widest. If the product is inflatable, indicate the measurement where the product is at its widest when inflated with recommended pressure.
24,0", 61,0 cm


"Thickness" indicates how thick the product is where it is the thickest. Regarding SUP boards, the measurement refers to the height of a lying board, i.e. the greatest distance between the underside and the top.
5.0", 12.7 cm
Max pressure: 

Max pressure

"Max Pressure" refers to the maximum air pressure recommended to pump an inflatable SUP board to. In general, a Kona board can withstand a significantly higher air pressure than this, but this can cause the product to deform and thereby void the warranty.
25 psi, 1,72 bar


By "sides" is meant how many layers of PVC the inflatable SUP board's side walls consist of and what material they are made of. The number of layers and or materials defines, among other things, the rigidity of the construction and thereby how stable the board is perceived. This also affects the weight of the board and the more layers, the stiffer the board but also the heavier the board.


"Color" refers to the most prominent colors in the graphic design. Color type will also be listed here shortly.
Blue grey
Fin box: 

Fin box

"Fin box" refers to the type of fin attachment that the SUP board has. Generally there are two types; slide-in and US box. "Slide-in" means that fins are pushed into the fin box and locked with a pin. These are usually used for simpler board constructions. "US-box" means you can attach most fin models to that fin box by locking them with a screw and nut. Fins with a so-called click function can also be attached to these boxes. No screws or nuts are needed for these.
Recommended pressure: 

Recommended pressure

By "recommended pressure" is meant the air pressure measured in psi, which an inflatable SUP board should have in order to be able to paddle and maneuver the most easily. This air pressure is what the board is designed for.

A person weighing closer to the upper limit of "paddler weight" should use an air pressure equal to recommended pressure, while for a person weighing near or below the lower limit of paddler weight, 2-3 psi below recommended pressure may be sufficient.

It is also important to remember that new boards may need to be inflated to the recommended pressure approx. 2-3 times before the material is fully stretched. Before then, they may lose some pressure. If the board is to be used in strong heat (>+25 C), it may also be sufficient to inflate it to approx. 1-2 psi lower than recommended pressure as the hot air will increase the pressure in the board.
15-17 psi, 1-1,2 bar
Test data 

Test data

"Test data" refers to the specific values that the products generated when they underwent Kona Sports' rigorous functional testing on the water. Everything from acceleration to maneuverability is tested here. All models of Kona's SUP boards have undergone the same test battery and test procedure and thus their performance can be compared with each other. Here you can also see the differences in performance between different lengths and widths as well as between hard and inflatable SUP boards.
Stability value:Stable
Stability (stationary): 

Stability (stationary)

"Stability" here means how stable the SUP board feels when it is still on the water, so-called initial stability. The higher the value, the more stable the board is perceived to be.

This value is good to know if you want a board that is suitable for, for example, fitness and yoga exercises, fishing, sun & bath, having coffee or transporting equipment from a boat, etc. The value has been calculated from, among other things, the board's shape, construction, wet surface, tendency to roll, weight etc.
Glide number: 

Glide number

"Glide number" indicates the SUP board's gliding ability, i.e. how far the board moves on average with each individual paddle stroke. This calculation is based on the four gears used in SUP and the different paddling frequencies/cadences that correspond to them. The higher the number, the farther or faster the board glides on average per paddle stroke.


By "stiffness" is meant here how stiff the SUP equipment is, i.e. how little or much it bends under load. This primarily applies to boards, paddles and fins and is determined by the construction and materials of the equipment. Regarding SUP boards, this is also connected with the term "responsiveness".

For maximum power transmission and thereby power and speed, a high stiffness is preferred. If you are instead looking for a softer and more forgiving equipment, a lower number is recommended.

Keep in mind that the more experienced we become, the more we are served by stiffer equipment. If you are new to SUP, low to medium stiffness equipment can be recommended before your body has gotten used to the new movements. So don't be afraid to switch to stiffer equipment as you progress. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us.
Rigid 5


What accessories are included in the package
GO-Pro mount:No
Paddle holder:Velcro
Packing system:Front - Elastic
Leash:Kona black coil
Tool set:Yes
Carrying handle:Center-centered + 2 side handles


By "standard paddle" is meant the model of paddle that is normally included when purchasing an inflatable SUP. Specific details about this paddle are listed below.


By "paddle" is meant the model and type of SUP paddle that comes with the SUP board.


Which fin is included in the package?
Fin type:Plastic
Fin depth:25,4 cm, 10 inch


Which backpack is included in the delivery?
Backpack:Kona Premium
Backpack size (HxWxD):95x45x45 cm
Backpack including accessories:3,3 kg



Kona Premium is the finest and most comfortable backpack we produce. It has extra pockets and strong, durable fabric. Good ergonomic design to enable longer hiking.



The Kona "GRI Double action" is an efficient and double-acting pump. The advantage of this type of pump is that you can quickly get the pressure up in your inflatable SUP board by the pump filling with air both when you push down and pull up the handle.

Fin and finbox

Stable and shock-resistant fin for inflatable SUP boards with a fin box of so-called US model. This fin has a more stable attachment and thereby provides better maneuverability and course stability than fins of the slide-in model. Finbox of US model also means that you can replace the fin with other fin models of US type.


Kona "Control", our leash of standard model in coil design for optimal function. In SUP, the leash is your most important safety feature. This catch strap has a padded velcro fastening for soft and comfortable attachment to the ankle or calf.

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