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Professional Stand Up Paddlare

3 February 1998

Home city

Engine, sand, and dust, that's where he thrived. He traveled the world, pushed limits, and made it to the top level of riding motocross. But in 2019, it took a turn.

The passion for training, developing, and trying new things made Linus try SUP for the first time in 2019. With a strong mental mindset, and thousands of hours spent on the water he has now managed to get to the top. Swedish champion 2022 and the world championships title as a goal the future looks bright.

Your Length and also your paddle length:


Paddel (about) 174cm

Training hours: week/hours

Depends on season: 6-8h during winter and 18-23h during high season.


My strenght is my ”forehead”. Work hard play hard.


Become a champ on longer distances.

And one day ”Make a living out of my passion" - SUP.


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