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KONA Academy™"SUPerior insights" - Part Three"SUPerior insights" - Part TwoRevolutionizing Sports with AI: Your 24/7 Multilingual Assistant"SUPerior Insights" – Part One  SUP - How can we train what we need when we can't train it where we need it? 

KONA Academy™

Kona Academy is Kona Sports' new educational platform where you can find answers to everything you're curious about regarding SUP, exercise, and personal development.

"SUPerior insights" - Part Three

Besides the obvious - This is what makes SUP so special and evolving

"SUPerior insights" - Part Two

The ultimate form of exercise - Why I see SUP as one of the most functional activities we can engage in

Revolutionizing Sports with AI: Your 24/7 Multilingual Assistant

Pioneering Research for Peak Performance - Innovating for Your Athletic Success - Tailored Training, Exceptional Results - Always Here for You, in Any Language - Your Sports Journey, Reimagined

"SUPerior Insights" – Part One  

SUP - How can we train what we need when we can't train it where we need it? 

SUP - joy of movement for an active life

SUP - stand up paddle, is one of the fastest growing water sports in the Nordic countries. The sport that suits everything and everyone - children, adults and the elderly, for play, recreation or as a form of training and competition.

Many places are is ideal for SUP, every type of water from watercourses, lakes to archipelagos and coastlines. Experiencing the water standing on a board is absolutely fantastic, completely different than canoeing and other watercrafts. Few experiences can compete with gliding across glassy waters on a board at sunrise or at sunset.

SUP has become the favorite activity for many who have sedentary jobs and provide completely new opportunities for a more active and healthy life. Even if you only paddle for fun, you just train your whole body. Just standing on the board builds both your strength and balance. SUP is also great as rehab training if you have had an injury as the paddle movements are so gentle and constructive.

SUP paddle with family and friends

SUP is also an activity that unites the whole family. For children as an adult, it is a fantastic tool that creates joy of movement and that develops water habits and balance. To be able to discover and experience the water together is something absolutely fantastic. On a SUP board, the summer memories are many and long.

SUP constantly offers unique nature experiences as no cruise is the same. Here is something for both the lone paddler and for those who prefer to paddle with family and friends. Being able to get around where no other craft can, provides opportunities to connect with nature in a way that so many of us strive for today.

Get started with SUP

We at Kona Sports are here to help you, regardless of whether you are interested in SUP as training or relaxing leisure paddling. Our experts are always on hand to answer any conceivable question about SUP and its equipment. Here you can start by reading about SUP as a sport and activity followed by our information regarding equipment. If you then have further thoughts or questions, please contact us via chat, e-mail or telephone (+46 141 217070) and we will help you. Then order safely and smoothly in our web shop. Our ambition is to get you out on the water on your own SUP board as quickly and easily as possible.

Windsurfing for body and soul

Windsurfing is freedom, challenging and extremely rewarding. It is training, nature experience, adventure, well-being - all in one. It is actually an activity for the whole family and much easier and smoother than it looks, the trick is to choose the right equipment! At Kona Sports, it is the windsurfing concept Kona One that applies. Kona One is a one design class that suits everyone and you only need one board and one sail for all winds. We think it's super flexible! If it sounds good, read more about Kona One and get in touch with us and we will help you get started as soon as possible.


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