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Kona CarbOne
The evolution of the Kona One board. 

We introduce you to the latest, lightest and fastest windsurfing board.

"Over the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to sail the Kona One Carbon Hollow, which has been a truly remarkable experience. The sensation and the outcome have exceeded all my expectations, leaving me more than satisfied." - Joachim Larsson 

How did we develop the idea of building the Kona Carbone Hollow? Over the recent years, we've been experimenting with various materials and techniques to create other SUP boards with lighter, hollow designs. The thought arose: Why not for the Kona One if it works for other boards? And so it was. The result was an incredibly lightweight and nimble board.

We've noticed quite clearly how the flat shape of the Kona Carbon Hollow benefits from its hollow design, eliminating the need for an EPS core inside. This means the board sits higher on the water from the start, resulting in quicker acceleration and a gentler ride for the body.

The lighter design also makes sailing easier and more efficient. Now, we can use smaller sails and fins while still improving performance. It's truly fantastic to see how much easier it is to get on the plane, maintain speed, and execute maneuvers without the board sinking into the water. There's room for further refinement in the fin and mast base settings.

At KONA, we take great pride in the smartest design in the windsurfing world, featuring our step-tail and one of the few longboards worldwide that can be sailed solely on the fin, even while tacking.

When we embarked on this project, we weren't entirely sure if it would succeed, but now I can confidently say that what we've achieved is the next best thing, only surpassed by the remarkable Kona One development itself. I am incredibly proud of Kona Carbon Hollow.

Please note that this board cannot be used in the Kona One class! As for the future, we cannot predict what it holds, but we firmly believe that enjoying windsurfing does not necessarily require a foil. Kona CarbOne is currently exclusively available for purchase on our website, with shipping from Northern Europe. If there are several of you interested in buying the board, come together and reach out to us. Right now, we have a waiting list for the board that is steadily growing, so the sooner you place your order, the sooner you'll receive your board.


We're thrilled to see the demand and enthusiasm for Kona CarbOne, and we're committed to getting this fantastic board into the hands of eager windsurfers as quickly as possible. So don't hesitate to join the waiting list and secure your spot in line! We can't wait to share the joy of sailing with you and make your windsurfing dreams a reality. Let's embark on this incredible journey together!





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