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SUP / PRE-LOVED / Outlet SUP / Ocean 14.0 x 24 Carbon-hybrid (used by client)
Ocean 14.0 x 24 Carbon-hybrid (used by client)



What include category mint condition

Boards marked as mint condition have a history as signage product or been sparingly used as demo product.

What include category medium condition

Boards marked with medium condition are used boards with slight wear on the underside of the board and along the sides. The boards in this category have been reviewed and refurbished. Stains and scratches may occur.

What include category function repaired

Boards marked with function repaired are well-used boards. The boards have been reviewed and refurbished. There may be aesthetic defects, but the function of the SUP board remains for many more years.


Article number:S-1110430-14-24-CH-1
Width:24 inch (60 cm)
Length:14.0 (4.25 m)
:2 pcs (front and tail)


"Recommendation" means to whom and for which area of use the product is primarily adapted.


"Usage" indicates the type of water environment (canal, lake, sea, etc.) and the type of SUP paddling (touring, training, competition, etc.) for which the product is primarily designed.
Training, Racing
Weight of rider: 

Weight of rider

By "paddler's weight" is meant the highest body weight of the user for which the equipment is primarily adapted.
< 100 kg
Technical data 

Technical data

"Technical data" describes the product in detail and other information about the product. If a piece of information is missing, it is not relevant for this particular product.


"Length" indicates the total length of the product. If the product is inflatable, the measurement indicates the length of the product in an inflated state with recommended pressure. Regarding adjustable products, the numbers show both the length of the product in its lowest collapsed position and in its fully extended position.
14'0", 4,27 m


"Width" indicates the total width of the product, i.e. where the product is widest. If the product is inflatable, indicate the measurement where the product is at its widest when inflated with recommended pressure.
24,0", 61,0 cm


"Volume" indicates how much air the SUP board contains (inflatable boards) or how big its foam core is (hard boards). This also gives an indication of the board's buoyancy and is in relation to the user's body weight. For this reason, it is important to choose a board that is adapted to the user.
224 L
Board weight: 

Board weight

"Board weight" indicates the specific and total weight of the SUP board. Note! The manufacturing process means that minor weight differences may occur.
12.5 kg


"Thickness" indicates how thick the product is where it is the thickest. Regarding SUP boards, the measurement refers to the height of a lying board, i.e. the greatest distance between the underside and the top.
15 cm


"Color" refers to the most prominent colors in the graphic design. Color type will also be listed here shortly.
Carbon light-blue white
Fin box: 

Fin box

"Fin box" refers to the type of fin attachment that the SUP board has. Generally there are two types; slide-in and US box. "Slide-in" means that fins are pushed into the fin box and locked with a pin. These are usually used for simpler board constructions. "US-box" means you can attach most fin models to that fin box by locking them with a screw and nut. Fins with a so-called click function can also be attached to these boxes. No screws or nuts are needed for these.
Tall US-box
Load weight: 

Load weight

"Load weight" refers to the weight in kilograms that the SUP board can be loaded with in addition to the paddler himself and still be able to be paddled and maneuvered as intended. That this is not the same as the "paddler's weight" is due to the fact that the weight of the paddler is centered on a relatively small surface, while packs, children, dogs, etc. distribute the weight better.
40 kg
Test data 

Test data

"Test data" refers to the specific values that the products generated when they underwent Kona Sports' rigorous functional testing on the water. Everything from acceleration to maneuverability is tested here. All models of Kona's SUP boards have undergone the same test battery and test procedure and thus their performance can be compared with each other. Here you can also see the differences in performance between different lengths and widths as well as between hard and inflatable SUP boards.
Stability value:Stable
Stability number:120
Glide number: 

Glide number

"Glide number" indicates the SUP board's gliding ability, i.e. how far the board moves on average with each individual paddle stroke. This calculation is based on the four gears used in SUP and the different paddling frequencies/cadences that correspond to them. The higher the number, the farther or faster the board glides on average per paddle stroke.


What accessories are included in the package
GO-Pro mount:Yes
Paddle holder:None
Fasteners for packing system:4 pcs (front)


Which fin is included in the package?
Fin type:Handmade fiberglass
Fin depth:17.5 cm
Fin angle:49 degrees
Fin base:17 cm, 6,7 inch


Quality control of the boards

All boards are quality controlled before they end up in the Kona Sports web shop. To qualify for sales, our boards meet the following functional requirements.

The surface is dense.

No damage or splices with leakage.

An inflatable SUP maintains the recommended pressure for 24 hours.

Function warranty

On our outlet products, our function warranty is valid for 12 months.

For inflatable SUP boards, you have the option of initiating a warranty claim regarding the board's function if it does not maintain the recommended pressure for 24 hours. Deficiencies due to carelessness are not covered by the functional warranty.

Right of return

If the board does not meet your expectations, the right of return applies for 14 days, according to the Swedish Consumer Purchase Act.

You start a return case by sending an email to support@kona-sports.com


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