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Kona Numinous Air SUP Racing 12.6



Kona Premium is the finest and most comfortable backpack we produce. It has extra pockets and strong, durable fabric. Good ergonomic design to enable longer hiking.



Bravo SUPer Double action. The market's most efficient and robust pump for inflatable SUP boards. Revolutionary design and double-acting technology that enables faster inflation with less effort than any other pump.


Fin for US-box

Kona "Race", 7-inch hand-shaped fiberglass fin for finbox of US type. The fin's design is optimized to give your SUP board course stability, maneuverability and minimal resistance in the water. The fin angle of 51 ° means that it can easily be paddled through seagrass etc.


Kona "Control", our leash of standard model in coil design for optimal function. In SUP, the leash is your most important safety feature. This catch strap has a padded velcro fastening for soft and comfortable attachment to the ankle or calf.


Kona “Evolve 50”, Kona Evolve Hybrid 50 is what we could call a "real" SUP paddle, ie the first level of paddles for SUP that gives the "right" feeling of what SUP paddling is really about. The paddle has an adjustable length and can be divided into three parts, which means that you can transport it together with the board in the included backpack.


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