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2 pcs Kona Active Air SUP 10.8



Kona Premium is the finest and most comfortable backpack we produce. It has extra pockets and strong, durable fabric. Good ergonomic design to enable longer hiking.


The Kona "GRI Double action" is an efficient and double-acting pump. The advantage of this type of pump is that you can quickly get the pressure up in your inflatable SUP board by the pump filling with air both when you push down and pull up the handle.

Fin and finbox

Stable and shock-resistant fin for inflatable SUP boards with a fin box of so-called US model. This fin has a more stable attachment and thereby provides better maneuverability and course stability than fins of the slide-in model. Finbox of US model also means that you can replace the fin with other fin models of US type.


Kona "Control", our leash of standard model in coil design for optimal function. In SUP, the leash is your most important safety feature. This catch strap has a padded velcro fastening for soft and comfortable attachment to the ankle or calf.


Kona “AL”, our durable standard paddle for inflatable SUP boards. A robust but relatively light SUP paddle with aluminum handle and plastic blade that allows you to easily and quickly get started with SUP. The paddle has an adjustable length and can be divided into three parts, which means that you can transport it together with the board in the included backpack.

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