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Kona One board



The original size 46 is the fin chosen as the one design fin. Optimal for the Kona One board. The fin design creates good conditions for early planning but at the same time easy to jibe. A back-turned fin also makes the board work compliantly in waves. The fin design allows, when planning, up wind sailing without any dagger board. This is one of the coolest experiences to master with Kona One longboard sailing.

Dagger board

Daggerboard, 65 cm, for the Kona One board. Made of fiberglass and designed according to class rules. Delivery includes both center plug and daggerboard knob. As there may be some difference in the size of the dagger board, it may be a good idea to check the total size together with the dagger board plates. If it is too thick, you have to sand on the plates or the daggerboard. Normally it should fit right away.


Fixed foot straps that are original to the Kona One board. The advantage is that they are stiff. You must use a screwdriver to adjust them to the right size.


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